Salman Rahman

I am a Computer Science Ph.D. student at the New York University, advised by Prof. Rumi Chunara. I am part of the Center for Health Data Science at NYU.

I am interested in using artificial intelligence to advance the health sector, especially in bridging the gap between machine learning model adoption and healthcare. The things I care about include robustness, interpretability, and AI safety.


Previous - Computational Sustainability Research

Current Scenario of Solar Energy Applications in Bangladesh: Techno-Economic Perspective, Policy Implementation, and Possibility of the Integration of Artificial Intelligence
Monirul Islam Miskat, Protap Sarker, Hemal Chowdhury, Tamal Chowdhury, Md Salman Rahman, Nazia Hossain, Piyal Chowdhury, Sadiq M. Sait
Advanced Thermodynamics Analysis for Sustainable Residential Sector: A Case Study of Turkish Residential Sector
Monirul Islam Miskat, Md Salman Rahman, Quddus Tushar, Shishir Barai, Nazia Hossain, Fazleh Rabbi, Nadia Sultana Nisha, Sadiq M. Sait
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
A Simulation Study of Techno-Economics and Resilience of the Solar PV Irrigation System Against Grid Outages
Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Estimation of the Healthcare Waste Generation During COVID-19 Pandemic in Bangladesh
Science of The Total Environment
More Crops Whilst Saving Drops Using an Optimization Model—A Case from Bangladesh
Irrigation and Drainage
Design of a Stand-Alone Energy Hybrid System for a Makeshift Health Care Center: A Case Study
Tamal Chowdhury, Hemal Chowdhury, Samiul Hasan, Md Salman Rahman, Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Bhuiya, Piyal Chowdhury
Journal of Building Engineering
Improving Spatial Agreement in Machine Learning-Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
Remote Sensing

Last updated: Mar 2023